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Aagah - The Warning (Video)

Aagah - The Warning is a film in Hindi produced by M/S Omkar Investments. It is 122:52 MM:SS long and was certified with 14 cuts. It was given a UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance) certificate in 2011.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
122:52 MM:SS
M/S Omkar Investments
Censor Cutlist
Applicant has submitted voluntary deletions at the time of application of film:- 1. Deleted the photographs of terrorists.
2. Deleted the scene of natha killed by atul and his man.
3. Deleted the sequence of girl being possessed and mother looks on.
4. Deleted the sequence of girl being exonerated by Maulvi
5. Deleted the sequence of girl surrounded by smoke and family looks on , mother soothes her
6. Deleted the sequence of fakir warning the villagers.
7. Deleted the swquence of girl flying and bangs the wall mother is frightened
8. Deleted the sequence where the girl's mother is lecherously looked at by man. His wife scoffs at him.
9. Deleted the sequence leader being killed by ATS
1. Deleted the setence ' Bhari jawani ... lottery lag gayee'
2. Deleted the setence ' Ek baar akele mil jao to majaa aa jaye'
3. Deleted the sentence ' Kawan jism khareednewale bahut mil jaate hai' , ' Noch lete hai jism'
4. Deleted the setence ' Ghar ki ijjat lut jayegi'
5. Deleted the setence of molestation in police station.

This data has been obtained from the Central Board of Film Certification. It is provided as is and no guarantees are made for its accuracy or reliability. Please contact the censor board for the original certificate and list of cuts (if any).

The Board certifies films to be one of:

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  • UA: Films certified UA are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with a word of caution that Parental discretion is required for children below 12 years.
  • A: Films certified A are deemed to be suitable only for adults.
  • S: Films certified S are restricted to a Special Class of Persons (such as doctors).

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