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10 Th Lo Premalo Padithey (Video)

10 Th Lo Premalo Padithey is a film in Telugu produced by M/S Yellow Tiger Creations. It is 117:0 MM:SS long and was certified with 15 cuts. It was given a UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance) certificate in 2009.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
117:0 MM:SS
M/S Yellow Tiger Creations
Censor Cutlist
Deleted the entire scene of school boy Guru trying to give wine to girl student and other students enters there. Guru giving money to police.
Deleted the act of Saloon Sundaram collecting money from the school students for keeping their bags in his custody.
Deleted the shots of Guru falling down in the railway tract and Surya kisses Raji before all 'Shock ehey shapula andamaina'.
Deleted the close shots of Swarna exposing her breast cleavages and surya looks at it.
Deleted the shots of Swarna changing her dress.
Deleted the shots of Surya and Swarna embracing each other.
Delete the entire shots of Swarna doing exercise on terrace.
Deleted the shots of girl exposing her breast cleavages.
Delete the visuals of Swarna enters with Surya and lying on the cot.
Deleted the entire song 'Kaameswari kanugeetane' of Swarna and Surya.
Deleted the vulgar visuals of Swarna & Surya in front of the mountain falls.
Deleted the visuals of Swarna and Surya lying on the surface of rock.
Deleted the visuals of Manasa dashes against Surya with chest.
Deleted the visuals of Manasa and Surya dashing and upto Surya sleeping on the top of the terrace.
Deleted the shots of Surya looks at breast cleavages of Manasa while he is sipping coffee.

This data has been obtained from the Central Board of Film Certification. It is provided as is and no guarantees are made for its accuracy or reliability. Please contact the censor board for the original certificate and list of cuts (if any).

The Board certifies films to be one of:

  • U: Films certified U are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition.
  • UA: Films certified UA are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with a word of caution that Parental discretion is required for children below 12 years.
  • A: Films certified A are deemed to be suitable only for adults.
  • S: Films certified S are restricted to a Special Class of Persons (such as doctors).

Any film longer than 2000m (in 35mm celluloid format) is considered a long film. The equivalent for videos is 70 minutes in duration.

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