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Aa Intlo ('A' To 'Ua') (Video)

Aa Intlo ('A' To 'Ua') is a film in Telugu produced by S/Shri A. Jithendra & N. Srinivas Reddy. It is 103:8 MM:SS long and was certified with 2 cuts. It was given a UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance) certificate in 2009.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
103:8 MM:SS
S/Shri A. Jithendra & N. Srinivas Reddy
Censor Cutlist
Visuals from a man entering the hero's house, killing his children, wife and chasing him up to his trying to kill' and repeated shots. Crying sounds of a woman, background sounds while hero searching. Sudden appearance of ghost and trying to kill hero. Deleted sudden background sounds Deleted intimate scenes in the song Akhil squeezing his sister's neck. Panning shots of house, tree, woman walking backwards, sitting in the swing Visuals of Pallavi behaving hysterically Visuals of ghost on road, in car Visuals of ghost and her trying to kill Ravi Deleted the bathroom scene of ghost. Deleted killing of servant maid Visuals of blood on fan and Pallavi shrieking and her eyes turning into blue. Visuals from Ravi closing bathroom door... to ... ghost pulling his legs. Reduced Puja process and visuals of bringing the ghost forcibly. Visuals of blood spilled on fan Reduced Ravi holding the ghost and chanting mantras and ghost trying to free from his grip, her shrieking.
2(iv) & 2(viii)
Deleted scary visuals in lead to song' Reduced to flash the hysteric behaviour of heroine Deleted weeping sounds in background and maidservant walking down the staircase. Deleted the scary visuls in climax by 70%

This data has been obtained from the Central Board of Film Certification. It is provided as is and no guarantees are made for its accuracy or reliability. Please contact the censor board for the original certificate and list of cuts (if any).

The Board certifies films to be one of:

  • U: Films certified U are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition.
  • UA: Films certified UA are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with a word of caution that Parental discretion is required for children below 12 years.
  • A: Films certified A are deemed to be suitable only for adults.
  • S: Films certified S are restricted to a Special Class of Persons (such as doctors).

Any film longer than 2000m (in 35mm celluloid format) is considered a long film. The equivalent for videos is 70 minutes in duration.

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