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Aakasa Ramanna (Celluloid)

Aakasa Ramanna is a film in Telugu produced by Do. It is 3726.25 Mts long and was certified with 4 cuts. It was given a A (Restricted to adults) certificate in 2010.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
3726.25 Mts
Censor Cutlist
Reduced to flash the visuals showing bleeding groin area of Venu madhav including blood in his hands.
Deleted the dialogues - a) naa peace; b) ademanna bangaru patakama mello vesukoni tiragadaaniki; c) vaadidey cut aithe; d) needi kaakapothe edo okati teesukostale; e) vaadidasaley peacelu peacelu aindi; f) vaadidenaara adi; g) teesukelli chitrangi chethi; h) aa piece; i) idivarakatilaa manchiga panichestunda; j) daanni atikinchey
Deleted the dialogue from 'manchi vantagaanni ... to ... santana yogam kalagadu'
Deleted 'deenni theesukelli maa tommyki padestanu daaniki NV antey chaala ishtam'.(picture & sound)

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