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Aakash Deep (Celluloid)

Aakash Deep is a film in Hindi produced by Phani Majumdar, Rangam.. It is 4232.45 Mts long and was certified with 6 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 1980.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
4232.45 Mts
Phani Majumdar, Rangam.
Censor Cutlist
1] Madhukar's dialogue in the tea shop "Agewala bara anaa pichhwala chhe anaa".
2] From the song "Ghar men na chawal............" the following lines :- "Ghar men na chawal bazaar men na dal, aaj jeene walon ka jeena hai kamaal, Lene jao sabzi to milti hai ghaas, Pani nahin nal men bujhaayen kahan pyas, Apne liye to shehar bhi hai ban, Chhat nahin par chhupayen kahan tan".
3] The dialogue of Tarun, addressed to Shankar Gupta "Hum nafarat karate hain us nizam se, niyam se, jo ek ki tijori bharataa hai lekin sainkron hazaron ko bhukha maarta hai".
1] Words "Paakhand". Bagala bhagat, libas desh bhakton ka nur-huh-shaitan kahin ka" and 'Pakhand-safed kapde-kali kartot" spoken by Tarun in reference to Desai, thereby establishing his dubious character (Sound Only)
1] Scene of Ruma, Shankar and Bani.
X, I
2] Song of Madhu. Complets song cum dance or Ruma on stage. The scene between Bani and Shankar upto the scene of the mill office between Taroon.Shankar and manager has been taken From Reel No. X to Reel No. IX. The song of Tarun beginning with the words "Mujhe Dard Dil Ka........." has been taken from Reel No. IX to Reel No. X.

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