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Anna Thangi (Celluloid)

Anna Thangi is a film in Kannada produced by M/S. Vijay Films Ashoknagar,Bangalore-19. It is 4423.00 Mts long and was certified with 8 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 2005.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
4423.00 Mts
M/S. Vijay Films Ashoknagar,Bangalore-19
Censor Cutlist
Delete the visual of Dharma tearing off the blouse of Sundari. Deleted
Delete the words "Magala Dose Ilva" uttered by Chimpanji & also the visual of Chimpanji starting at Rukku's breast Deleted
Delete the words, "Ondu Hennu" upto "Aaga huttida ee breed idu" uttered by Doddanna to Chimpanji. Deleted the Visuals & words from, obbalu nigro heenu upto breed idu.
Delete the words, "Yestu saari kakkasige upto karchanna serisi haakiddni" uttered by Doddanna to Chimpanji. Visual also deleted
Delete the words "Ombathu thingalu" occutting twice in the dialogue between Doddanna & Chimpanji. Deleted
7 & 9
Delete the dialogue relating to tollet seats between Doddanna and his customer and the entire episode of Chimpanji making Doddanna drink dorty water from inside the toilet (shot no.1 to 5 of reel no.7 & 1 to 13 of reel no.9 to be deleted) -Deleted the visuals & its dialogue between Doddanna with his customer from, Chimpanji nana magane upto majaane bare, Reel-7 -Deleted the long shot of Chimpanji picking up water from the Commode- Reel-7 (Shot no.2 & 3) of Chimpanji giving fiowers to Rekha, from ninagoskara upto maadibitta -33.05 Ft have been retained Shot no.5- Chimpanji giving water to Doddanna - Dialogue from thogolli neeru upto hogali -43.03 have been retained In Reel No.9:- Deleted shot of chimpanji going to the toilet -Deleted the word, kakkasu, uttered by Doddanna -Deleted the visual and words uttered by Chimpanji, hosa madike upto barthaiddene -Deleted the visual of Rukku starring down at Chimpanji in bathroom -Deleted the reaction shot of Chimpanji & Doddanna (Following sequence have been retained in Reel- no.9) -Chimpanji & Doddanna, Dialogue, 31,32,33 upto hosa madike hoogu. Length. 35.04 Ft -Shot no.5 of Doddanna and his words from, kudiyoo upto ee nannmaga. Length. 11.09 Ft -Shot no.7 mid - Shot of Doddanna and his words -Shot no.9-16 Doddanna beating Chimpanji - Chimpanji leaves to bathroom - Rekha crying against the dialogue, vaasi alla upto hooge nanmagane. Length 56.06ft.
Delete the visuals of breast hits occurring four times between hero and heroine in the song sequence. Deleted
Delete the entire episode of Rukku becoming unconscious after seeing Chimpanji in nude condition and the related episode leading upto her marriage with Chimpanji. (shot no.s 15-28 and 64-73 to be deleted) -Deleted the visual & words from, nodi accidetal mathu hodare upto nimma kaige sigodu -Deleted the visual and dialogue between Doddanna & Doctor from, operation success upto naave sarimadabeku -Delete the visual and dialogue of Doddanna to Chimpanji from, ayogya, rascal upto yak kalladukolthiya - Deleted the visuals of Sadhu going inside the bathroom and his words from, oolage hogappa upto thank you and close shit of Doddanna and Rukku -Deleted the visuals and words uttered by Sadhu and Doctor from, yaen treatment kottayappa upto rahasya -Deleted the words uttered by Doddanna to Sadhu from, yaala ee body upto sanna body aagtharu Following sequences have been retained in Reel-10 -Shot no. 15 to 17- Doctor testing Rekha and thier dialogue from, oh my god to aagi hogide-length.13.08 feet -Shot no.19, 20 Reaction shot of Doddanna and Chimpanji. Length.3.05 feet -Shot no.21,22 -Conversation between Doctor andDoddsanna from kannare nodida upto naane prathyaksha saakshi. Length-11.08 feet -Shotno. 23 to26 - Rekha lying onl bed- Reaction shot of Doddanna, Chimpanji and thier dialogue from, helu Chimpanji adu upto ninnana sayisibidthi and in bathroom, upkko Doddanna upto thathasthu. Length 80.10 Feet - Visual of Invitation card - Marriage Board- Chimpanji tying thali to Rekha. Length-8.01 Ft -Shot no.68 and a part of shot no. 69- Rekha crying againts Doddanna,s reaction. Length3.01 feet -a part of shot no.79-Rekha huggs her father - Length.3.01 feet-Shot no.73 - Sequence of Doddanna and Chimpanji- dialogue from, chennagi upto come on yaar-length.Sound.

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