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Antha (Video)

Antha is a film in Kannada produced by M/S. K.C.N. Enterprises, Bangalore. It is 91:0 MM:SS long and was certified with 25 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 1997.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
91:0 MM:SS
M/S. K.C.N. Enterprises, Bangalore
Censor Cutlist
1. The commentary of "Indu ee chendu.. elliladautsaha".
2. Deleted the dialogue of Kanvar "Kuthey, tho.. bahar". Deleted
3. Deleted the dialogue of Kanvar & Susheel - fight
4. Delete The dialogue of Susheel's mother : 0.25 2. Delete The dialogue of Kanvar to Susheel : 0.07 The fight between Susheel and with the Lala's gangmen : 0.17. Deleted
5.The coversation between Lala & Susheel : 0.24
5. The dialogue of Susheel in Dewood's house : 0.24 The dialogue of Ajab : 06
6. The fight between Justin & Susheel : 0.30 The song of Rajani & Susheel : 3.39
7. Deleted the modus operandi visuals of setting fire
8. The song of Susheel's sister in Topiwala's chamber
9. Fight between Baig and Susheel
11. fight between Baig and Susheel in the underground
12. Deleted Topiwala introducing Susheel before the guests.
12. Song of Susheel entertaining the guests in Topiwala's place The visual of Susheel taking snaps
12. torture scene of Susheel
14 : Scene of Sunitha in the underground pipeline :1.01 Conversation between Susheel and his wife : 0.04 Dialogue of Baigh tox Topiwala : 0.6 Visual and dialogue of Sunitha being beaten by the villains : 1.56 Dialogue of Topiwala, "Sattar........dafan madibidu.." :0.07
15.: Dialogue of Susheel to Cbi officer : 0.15,0.20,0.24 Dialogue between Minister and CBI officer shots of Goddess Kali
16.: Entire episode of Susheel attacking the Minister and his villains. : 1.15 Scene of Susheel with Topiwala, Baig and Ajab in the underground cellular : 2.30
Reel-2 : Delete the reference to gulf countries by the CBI officer. (Replaced with the word foreign)
Reel -7 : Delete the modus operandi of setting fire into the bulding by the hero. - Deleted.
Reel - 8 & 2 : Delete the reference to Gulf. and Dubai by Topiwala. (Replaced "Durban" for Dubai). Deleted
Reel-8 : Delete the close shots of Shoba in wet clothes revealing her busts in black "Bra". Deleted (Replaced with Shoba and Alab Singh-33.12 ft)
Delete the entire scene of the girls being paraded and being sold to Arabs and the dialogue referring to Arab countries/Gulf countries. (Replaced with approved scene 107 Ft.)
Reel-13 : Delete the modus operandi of the shock treatment of Sunilkumar by the villains. - Deleted
Reel-14 : Delete the shots of Sunita being hit on tummy and also being kicked by the villains. - Deleted
Reel-16 : Delete the shot of one of the villains being crushed against the wall and also the shot of another being run over by the van. - Deleted

This data has been obtained from the Central Board of Film Certification. It is provided as is and no guarantees are made for its accuracy or reliability. Please contact the censor board for the original certificate and list of cuts (if any).

The Board certifies films to be one of:

  • U: Films certified U are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition.
  • UA: Films certified UA are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with a word of caution that Parental discretion is required for children below 12 years.
  • A: Films certified A are deemed to be suitable only for adults.
  • S: Films certified S are restricted to a Special Class of Persons (such as doctors).

Any film longer than 2000m (in 35mm celluloid format) is considered a long film. The equivalent for videos is 70 minutes in duration.

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