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Ashok (Video)

Ashok is a film in Telugu produced by Shri Valluripalli Ramesh. It is 143:30 MM:SS long and was certified with 2 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 2007.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
143:30 MM:SS
Shri Valluripalli Ramesh
Censor Cutlist
1. Visual of gunny bag with blood 2. Visuals of SI with lady police 3. Visuals of police trying to molest girls 4. Reduced fight between hero and police 5. Burning face of SI in hospital 6. Song 7. Reduced killing Doctor in hospital 8. Reduced killing Manipal 9. Nanakram chasing hero 10. CS of breasts of Madhu and her sister 11. Reduced killing Madhu's sister 12. Visuals of Panda and others mistreating Madhu 13. Visuals hero's father polishing shoes of his officer 14. Reduced fight at graveyard 15. Dialogue 'peechese nikaljaathi hai... peeche ka matlab samje' and spur of the moment. 16. Reduced hero shooting at Panda's brother 17. Reduced fight with Panda and others 18. Reduced jeep blast and blood splattered bodies of Ram Lakshman 19. Dead bodies in the mortuary, operation process by Madhu 20. Reduced the climax fight
2(VII), 2(VIII) & 2(IV)
1. Deleted visual of dead bodies lying strewn around 2. Deleted the dialogues 'bongu, dobbuthaaventi & pori body bagundhi' 3. Deleted the visual of Ashok hitting Panda, his bones shown in X-ray film - hitting henchman with a rod on head 4. Reduced the length of fight 5. Deleted the dialogue 'utchaposukuntaavani' 6. Deleted the visual of villain shooting child 7. Deleted the visual of hitting Rajeev with sword 8. Deleted the dialogue 'dobbukochchestha' 9. Deleted the dialogue from 'Anna... to ... ikkade anna' said by child 10. Reduced the chase of Panda to flash 11. Deleted the visual of dead body of Panda 12. Reduced the length of climax fight by 50%
2(VII), 2(VIII) & 2(IV)

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