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Brahmalokam To Yamalokam Via Bhoolokam ('A' To 'U') (Video)

Brahmalokam To Yamalokam Via Bhoolokam ('A' To 'U') is a film in Telugu produced by Do. It is 152:56 MM:SS long and was certified with 2 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 2010.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
152:56 MM:SS
Censor Cutlist
Deleted dialogue from 'randi padukundaam ... to ... sobhanam rahuvuthona'. Deleted dialogue 'sobhanam cheyyara ante rahuvu antavu kethuvu antavu'. Deleted dialogue 'sobhanam nuvvu chestava nannu cheyyamantaava'. Deleted dialogue 'sobhananiki paniki raakunta chesavu' and visual of Venu Madhav looking into his Dhoti. Deleted dialogue 'Srikrishna Committee' Deleted words in the song - a) panti gaati sangatulu b) kassumandira c) ettipotha padhakamante vukkapotha vuntadira Deleted words - a) venaka choopinchi b) chetilo gada pattukuni... to ... evarikenta praaptamo anta'. Deleted dialogue 'battery charging ayyindi'. Deleted dialogue 'ikkada matinee akkada first show'. Deleted dialogue 'yedaina lopama naakela telustundi... ivvala telipothundi'. Deleted dialogue 'kaalu jaaritiva... aa panilone vunnanu'. Deleted dialogue 'ee timelo spandinchaka povadama... ye timelo spandistaado yemo'. Deleted dialogue 'yenti nuvvu puttinchedi aa vishayamlo nuvvu chaala weak'.
2(vii), 2(iv), 2(viii)
Reduced to flash sobhanam visuals and dialogues between Venu Madhav and Jyothi'. Delete the dialogue 'first day jarigipovaalsindey' Delete the dialogue 'nee daggara power ledu & naa daggara power leda' and visuals of kick in the groin area. Delete Brothel episode of Brahma & Yama'. Delete the word 'brothel'. Delete the episode of hero applying oil on leg of Aarti Agarwal In the song 'Naakkonchem...' delete - a) thimmirekkuva b) sukha samara c) jatha jaghanamlo
2(vii), 2(viii)

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The Board certifies films to be one of:

  • U: Films certified U are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition.
  • UA: Films certified UA are deemed to be suitable for Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with a word of caution that Parental discretion is required for children below 12 years.
  • A: Films certified A are deemed to be suitable only for adults.
  • S: Films certified S are restricted to a Special Class of Persons (such as doctors).

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