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Gupt (Video)

Gupt is a film in Hindi produced by Trimurthy Films, Mum. It is 141:18 MM:SS long and was certified with 27 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 2000.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
141:18 MM:SS
Trimurthy Films, Mum
Censor Cutlist
1) Reduced the visuals of Bobby Deol drinking and smoking. Kulbhushan is chatting with him, Manisha Koirala is watching them. KULHUSHAN: TUM SAMAJHANE KI KOSHISH KYON NAHIN.............................................
2) Deleted the visuals of Bobby spitting in the food plates of prisoners. Bobby fights with them. Police interferes-Bobby beats Police Inspector, Bobby and other prisoners are put behind bars. In cell prisoners are digging he ground. BOBBY: TUM JAISE TAT POOJIYE JAIL MEIN..........KHUDANA SURU KARO FATA FAT.
3) Reduced the visuals of Police Inspector surporised at seeing digging done in the cell. Bobby beats Inspector. In the end Bob Christo has brought a boat, in which Bobby and other prisoners escape through the sea. BOBBY : NAHIN JAILOR NAHIN AAJ MAIN DANDA KARUNGAA INSPECTOR: NAHIN NAHIN........
4) Deleted the visuals of Om Puri (Inspector) and Sadashiv both comes in a room. Girl is shouting-Om Puri fires on prisoners. A prisoner has held Sadashiv as Custodian. Om Puri shots the prisoners. LADKI : AA....AA....AA....AA....... OM PUR : LEKIN MUJHE NAHIN THAA.
5) Reduced the visuals of Manisha dancing and singing on the tru, her thighs are exposed. Bobby kisses her. REPLACED : Long shot of Manisha and Bobby both dancing in the sea and In the garden.
6) Reduced the visuals of Bobby standing near dead body of Kulbhushan. He trics to pull the knife out from his body. Servant starts shuting. SERVAMT :- YE KAUN HAI, KHOON KHOON...!
7) Reduced the visuals of Kajol hugged by Bobby. She is singing and dancing, doing the pelvic jerks. REPLACED : Long shot of Kajol and Bobby both dancing on the Mountain.
8) Reduced the visuas of Om Puri pointing revolver on Bobby Deol. Goondas has held Kajol Om Puriis chatting with them. In end Om Puri shoots the goondas. GOONDA : HYE INSPECTOR IS LADAKE KO HAMARE HAWALE KAR DO...INSPECTOR HAME TUM PAR BHAROSA NAHIN HAI
9) Deleted the visuals of Raza Murad's body in bloodshed.
10) Deleted the visual of Bobby shooting Manisha's Uncle. Dalip Tahil is standing next to them. Gate opens up, om Puri comes in the car. Bobby runs, Om Puri shoots at him.
11) Reduced the visuals of Bobby smoking and blowing out the smoke Manisha comes near him. Kajol is dancing and shaking her breast.
12) Deleted the visuals of Bobby fighting with goondas. Bobby beats Shard Saxena, workers are watching them and conversing with Om Puri. Bobby Runds away after seeing Om Puri.
13) Deleted the visuals of foots close up Om Puri is smoking and drinking. Bobby looks at Kajol's photo. Kfajol stabs Om Puri. Sadashiv and his associates comes towards Om Puri to help him. MAN: YE DHAKKA MARKE KUCHH HONEWALA NAHIN HAI........ SADASHIV: MAIN AMBULANCE KE LIYE PHONE KARTA HOON SIRJI.
14) Deleted the visuals of Kfajol stabbing Raj Babbar.
15) Deleted the visuals of Kajol stabbing Kulbhushan. She comes to Paresh Rawal's residence. Both conversing. PARESH : yE KYA KIYA TUNE.......SAHIL KO LEKE KAHIN DOOR CHALE JANA HOGA.
16) Reduced the visuals of goonda driving bus, dashes with car. In it Manisha And Kajol both are fighting. Both beats goonda. Om Puri gets up from his hospital's bed. Sadashiv is trying to stop him. Bobby comes in. SADASHIV: YE KYA KAR RAHEN HAIN AAP....AAP NAHIN JA SAKTE SIRJI.
17) Reduced the visuals of Kajol about to stab Manisha. Bobby turns, goonda gets staqbbed. Bobby stops Kajol. Om Puri shoots Kajol. Everybody is looking at them. BOMBBY : ISHAA KHANJAR PHENK DO ISHAA. KAJOL: BUS EK BAR MUJHE CHHOD DO CHHOD DO
1) Deleted the entire shadow dance during the titles sequence
2) Deleted the close visuals and forward pelvic jerks wherever it occurs during the song 'Duniya Hassino Ka Mela.........
3) Deleted the word 'Tum jaisi khubsurat number pya liya' spoken by Usman.
4) Reduced to a flash the visuals of stabbing Governor.
5) Deleted the forward pelvic jerks and suggestive postures of the girl during the song and dance sequence.
6) Deleted the close visuals and forward pelvic jerks wherever it occurs during the song, 'Pyasi Muhabhat.........
7) Deleted the visuals of bare thigh of girl while Minister putting his hand on the thigh.
8) Deleted thevisuals of forward jerks of girl during the song 'Ye pyar kya hai'
9) Deleted the visuals of police inspector Ompuri and his fellow police man having drink and enjoying.
10) Reduced to a flash of entire sequence from when Esha takes out knife to kill Shital.

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