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Sangharsh (Video)

Sangharsh is a film in Marathi produced by Bhim Rao Dhonde Kisan Pictures. It is 113:0 MM:SS long and was certified with 17 cuts. It was given a U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) certificate in 2003.

Certificate category
Certifying regional office
Certificate number
Certification Date
Certified length
113:0 MM:SS
Bhim Rao Dhonde Kisan Pictures
Censor Cutlist
1. Deleted the bar scence people playing cards, gambling and drinking liquor alongwith dialogues from....... 'Ramu Dada, kai re apla dhanda sodun ikde kashala ala....... upto master aaj bagh to Tujya kade'.
2. Deleted the dialogue starting from 'Master changla shiksan........ up to Tumhala aikwanya sathich bol to Aahe.'
3. Deleted the dialogues of man teaching his son about gambling and mother comes and enterferes, dialogue starts from 'He teen ikke begum........wah wah maath haja'.
4. Deleted the dialogue 'Raja ji vaste aplya kade naste te chori karoon milvyach asta duniyaat' when Raja remembers the saying of his father.
5. Deleted the scence alongwith dialogues between Raja and smuggler and the full song 'Gutter goom Gutter goom.......'
6. Deleted the entire scene and dialogues between Raj and his mother talking about the life.
7. Deleted the fighting between inspector and 4 goondas at their den.
8. Deleted the scence of 2 goondas forcibly entering the house of the girland try to molest the girl and girl escapes after throwing them aside
9. Deleted the scence of goonda trying to remove from car and fighting between Raja & goodas.
10. Deleted the dialogue spoken by Raja to man 'Ikade he maal tikde........ Export Import'.
11. Deleted the dialogue spoken by sumggler to Raja on ship 'Tula sangto Raja.....Cheers'.
12. Deleted the scene where Raja is hit by bullet on his left arm and he removes the bullet with the knife.
13. Deleted the dialogue between the smuggler and a girl where the smuggler tells the girl to do abortion.
14. Deleted the blood stained arm of Raja and he trying to remove the bullet.
15. Deletd the dialogue between smuggler and Raja starting from 'Tula khote sangun mala kai milnar aahe...... Naay boss asa bolu naka'.
16. Deleted the fighting scene between Raja and Inspector at the beach.
17. Deleted the fighting scences of Raja and Inspector with the bodyguards of the smuggler and then Raja beating the smuggler.

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